Using the Advanced Filter Block


This guide will describe how to use the Advanced Filter Block for the Celebrate theme. The Advanced Filter Block allows you to show content, terms, or custom links. The block allows an optional dropdown for any taxonomy, and buttons with links to any content.

Inserting the block from a draft Post

  1. Find the location on the Post you want to add the block, click the + button to open the block chooser.
  2. Select the Advanced Filter Block.
    • The Advance Filter Block appears in your post editor. There are numerous options for this block.
    • The block options page displays.
  3. Complete the fields you wish to use as required:
    • The Block Header is the title of the block.
    • The Block Text is the block subtext.
    • The Show Taxonomy Dropdown allows you to choose a dropdown box of Categories, Tags, Styles, etc.
    • The Show Filter Buttons chooser allows you to add buttons with links to internal or external links. The Button Link field requires https:// at the beginning of the URL.
    • The video below goes into more detail regarding using this block.