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Charming Ohio Wedding at Historic Estate – TESTING 123

Charming Ohio Wedding at Historic Estate

One gaze at this wedding and it would be hard to imagine that Leah and Andy wanted a laid-back fête to reflect their easygoing selves because their wedding is dripping with classic elements. To say the least, Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens is an old world vision that Renee Lemaire Photography certainly captured at the Porter’s big day. Every aspect of the grounds exudes romance and the whole place looks like it was plucked out of a fairytale. Leah recalls going to Stan Hywet often as a little girl, so she knew it was THE place and after showing Andy, they were both hooked and began dreaming up their wedding. Their September wedding day consisted of a delicate cream and ivory palette with dabs of blush, expert florals by The Budding Tree, and ending the night twirling away underneath the trees and the stars.