Bridesmaids Shower Inspiration featuring David’s Bridal

What do you get when you combine the fantastic set of gifts available at David’s Bridal with a sunny Chicago loft, an adorable pup (ahem, MY adorable pup, Mollie), and 5 lovely ladies? A bridesmaid shower that is absolute perfection! A “bridesmaid shower” is the perfect way to thank your besties for standing by your side on the big day. This fun, festive, and colorful soiree produced by the ladies of Aisle Society showcases the amazing gifting goodies from David’s BridalDavid’s Bridal has everything your gals will love: chic printed robes, cute monogrammed water bottleskeychainsnecklaces, adorable hair ties, and more! Their personalization options make it easy to give custom gifts like makeup bags, gift boxes, floral compacts, and even oh-so-chic floppy hats. Find gifts for all of your bridesmaids, and top it off with the prettiest personalized box to package it to perfection! With decorgifts, and favors perfect for all the events surrounding the wedding, and customizable gifts to add a personal touch, David’s Bridal is a one-stop-shop for your wedding!