Vintage Hot Air Balloon Inspiration

Isn’t there just something magical about hot air balloons? Our Inspired Creations Contest concept today from Pemberley Events, Petal Play Design, Image Icon Photography and 11 Eureka Boutique was inspired by a photo of a fun-loving couple in a hot air balloon. Floating glass balls and papier-mâché hot air balloons floated above a vibrant and colorful tabletop filled with roses, tulips, and poppies. The color didn’t stop with the flowers! Along the natural runner sat colorful vases and glassware too. The seating chart was actually burlap map of the world with different colored hot air balloons showing people where to sit. Such an adorable theme and wonderful ideas for a colorful travel-inspired wedding!







The following vendors contributed to this shoot:

Planning and design – Viviana Grasso of Petal Play Design, Rachel Owens of Image Icon Photography, Natalie Parrillo of Pemberley Events, Renee Sokolis of 11 Eureka Boutique \ Cake – Creative Cakes \ Menu wraps and team business card design – Echo Design Group

168 thoughts on “Vintage Hot Air Balloon Inspiration

  1. I like this theme. A theme such as this might be good for me because as everyone who knows me knows, all I want to do is travel, although so far have not been able to do much of yet. This is a really neat idea.

    1. I loved this theme. The use of vintage florals along with using the rustic burlap was the perfect contrast. I particularly liked the napkin ring with the menu. So many simple modern ideas that compliment the more detailed runner and place cards along with all the florals. The hot air balloons are a delightful mix of color and make you wish you could travel around the world.

  2. I am freaking out LOVING this theme! Such a refreshing idea…I want to steal this idea for my wedding photo booth. Does anyone know if the balloon setup is rentable?

  3. Oh how much I loved this set up! The pictures hardly do it justice: there is something amazing to look at tucked into every corner of their booth! I especially love those flowers and the cool seating display!

  4. One thing viewers should also realize is that these photographs are from a live display they created at a big wedding show. There was so much going on around them that was out of their control and I think attests to each team’s skill and talent (especially with the photography) What you don’t see are the other booths next to, in front of, behind etc and all the people wandering about. Also, teams had a space limit and didn’t necessarily get to choose their location. And yet all the displays feel so calm and serene. Just wanted to give everyone a behind the scenes look at what all the teams had to work with. ;)

  5. Thank you for including us! This is so exciting, and we hope that a few people can take inspiration from it!

    Thanks for your comment, Kelly. You’re right- you get a little glimpse of the big neon signs behind us in a few photos! It was an exciting and organized adventure.

    @Julie- Are you in the Chicago area? I think our photographer (Rachel, Image Icon Photography) took it home for that purpose, but I need to check.

  6. what a playful, colorful and creative wedding. the flowers are gorgeous and like how they also used in the balloon. with all the color, the softness of napkin color and table setting balance everything. magnificent!

  7. What a cool idea! So different and stunning at the same time!! Guests would never forget something like this. Could you imagine how relaxed and happy people would feel at a wedding like this? You can’t beat it! And, of course, I LoVe the flowers!!

  8. One word…OUTSTANDING! Every aspect of the theme and displays…and the amazingly creative and beautiful floral arrangements…came together very well. Quite a unique theme, which pictures can only give a measure of justice to. Congratulations, Ladies! Your display was a joy to look at.

  9. Such an enchanting idea and executed with such character! I love the attention to detail – the amazing chairs, the vases, plates, glasses and the flowers are breathtaking. And what’s not to love about a dreamy travel theme? Love it!

  10. What I love the most about this, is that it looked authentic, right down to the glasses on the table. The menu, the flowers in the hot air balloon, the seating map – literally, the seating “map” – were among my favorites. Love your attention to detail and your creativity took a trip around the world. Beautiful!

  11. if I am ever fortunate enough to have my dream wedding, it is a no brainer that my first call to help execute it will be Viviano Grasso of Petal Play. her ideas are fresh, fun and dreamy….her creative juices are endless…

  12. I imagine myself sitting down at this table and being enveloped in an overwhelming state of happiness.
    I see the beauty but “feeling” the joy is so unexpected. Love it!

  13. Just beautiful! I showed this to my husband who LOVES to travel and he said, “That’s a great idea! Wish we would have thought of it for our wedding!” :)

  14. What a welcome burst of color! I want to sniff those flowers right now. This is such a fresh idea. I can imagine all sorts of travel conversations springing up among the guests. Beautiful!!

  15. I love this theme! So unique and fresh…..the flowers are gorgeous and the hot air balloon theme is genius! Love all the attention to detail in the colors and textures it’s magnificent.

  16. What an amazing, fun and fresh idea. It is so whimsical. I love the FLOWERS, theme and the amazing attention to detail. This team of artists are so talented. It looks like something straight out of a design magazine or a dreamy Hollywood wedding. Hats off to all of the designers.

  17. What a fun idea for a theme. The flowers are beautiful and everything is so colorful. All of the designers did a fantastic job with all of the details. Good luck in the competition!! Hope you win. You all deserve it!!

  18. This is something I would see in a magazine and only dream of! I love all the special touches that Viviana and the team chose, but especially the flowers, vibrant and textured glasses, eclectic dessert and appetizer plates, mix of chairs, and of course the whole theme! What a talented group of ladies!

  19. So So So sweet and creative…love love love the flowers, table linens…genius…Up Up and Away to a new life with my new Hubby!!!!!

  20. Absolutely gorgeous!! I envision lots of laughter and warm conversations at the table, and carrying fond memories away from the event!!

  21. How I would love to be seated at this table. The wooden table and simple napkin are comfortable and mix well with the opulent flowers. You’re at ease while being spoiled! The whimsical theme is unexpected but universally known and liked.

  22. I love the display – such a cute and original idea. I especially love the warm
    Colors of the table and flower arrangements. Wish I could have seen it all in person!

  23. I have never seen a more whimsical, more inspired event! And that is the best play on a photobooth, maybe ever! Kudos to this group of creative ladies! Kudos!

  24. Stunning. Both elegant and whimsical! I imagine guests would be overcome with joy while sitting at this lovely table. Looking at it you can’t help but smile! The details are flawless, and the concept as a whole is so original. Well done ladies!

  25. Anyone who hires this team is sure to have an absolutely lovely affair. I can only imagine the eyes of guests as they enter the room. All the beautiful colors and the playful theme will be be an image not soon forgotten. Kudos to this very creative and talented team!

  26. If there could be a “magic 3” of attributes to reflect a reaction to what has been shared, I would have to pick inspirational, artistic, and incredibly unique! An amazing attention to detail connects all of the elements together to keep a common-thread-theme beautifully profound- from the balloon map seating chart to the people pose in the faux balloon. The cupcake touch and colors communicate a sense of something sweet, full of joy, and nothing short of a celebration to be shared by loved ones who must share a genuine love for each other. The selected angles for capturing and creating images that present the whole idea is excellent. This entire creative approach can only translate into somethng timeless and an incredible story to be told for generations to come. Thank you for sharing your artistic expression!

  27. This was an amazing collaboration of ideas! I love the vibrant color palate chosen for everything!! Especially the flowers and the place settings. You ladies can really plan a beautiful event!

  28. Wow. This looks fantastic. The theme is so creative and each detail meshes together to create an elegant and fun atmosphere. I’m so impressed.

  29. Such a fun theme! Love the idea of “Where in the world are you sitting?” and the hot air balloon center pieces are awesome. This would be such a fun wedding to attend!

  30. The colors are simply spirit lifting!! Everything about this arrangement resognates the happiness and love that a couple wants to express for their wedding. Well done!

  31. Viviana and Team… your work is absolutely STUNNING! the colors, textures, overall theme and the way everything just blends together makes for some serious EYE CANDY!!!! makes me want to hop inside a giant air balloon and go Up, Up and Away!!!!!!! Petal Play Designs ROCKED this look!!!!

  32. I totally loved this theme… travelling is a great passion of mine and I think that couples with a great sense of adventure and looking for something different might be very pleased with this. The whole presentation gives a joyful and funny air to the celebration, and I would certainly love to see such things during a wedding!
    As usual, PPD’s flower arrangements are completely amazing, and a delight to our eyes!! keep up the good work!

  33. Vivianna at Petal Play Design once again shows her extreme talent – the use of the theme is age/event appropriate and lends fun & elegance without being ‘cheesy’ or over the top. Definitely looks like it was a fun event to attend…

  34. What is not to love………It’s all about creating lasting memories and this designer should celebrate her talent for creating just that. Would love to see more of her work!

  35. SOOOOOO unique, fresh and vintage! Great theme ladies…..I wish I were attending such an event. There are definately special conversations and memories being made at that table.

  36. There is a nostalgic sentiment envoked by this work. The display is elegant yet whimsical. The golden glass goblets and crimson glass tumblers are a lovely touch. The pale blue frosting of the adjacent cupcake, gives a burst of primary colors at every setting!

  37. So much attention to detail ! It’s refreshing to see some color, I feel like the muted tones have been sooo over used. So playful, a wedding I would RSVP to immediately!

  38. This is absolutely beautiful and original. So much thought and creativity. Definitely a party I’d want to be a part of – be it as guest or host. Well done!

  39. My fiance and I loved this! I must admit I was not happy about going to Indie Wed but, it was a great time, and this was our favorite booth.

  40. Could you imagine being a guest and walking into this wedding?!?! World traveler or not you would surely be transported to a wonderland for an evening. The layering of details, the textures, the colors, the whimsy is so fanciful, but at the same time approachable and comfortable. I can imagine men and women, young and old truly feeling so fortunate to be a part of this evening!!

  41. Would love to attend this wedding for so many reasons, but most of it because it looks like a blast! and these ladies were so awesome to talk to at Indie wed.Hands down most creative booth.

  42. I love the napkin menu wraps and runner so unique and also love love loving the sweet little violets with table placement, and don’t even get me started on balloon booth!

  43. How fun!! So full of life and color! I’m completely in love with the seating chart map- so creative!! The flowers are gorgeous and I love the details on the table runner! Beautiful job!!

  44. This was my absolute favorite! Not only a fun and different theme but also so detailed and so much more went into this look then the others. It’s my first time at Indie (engaged) but look forward to coming back with my friends to plan their big day, yay!

  45. I am blown away by the stunning flowers! The time it must have taken to make the hot air balloon and all the hanging arrangements that are done with such great detail and care. It’s so fun that they have such a unique picture area! Besides the flowers, what has to be my favorite is the seating table chart/center pieces being a different country hand stitched, and stuck in the adorable mini flower pots. I would have to throw a few elbows in order to take that home with me! I just love that you can clearly see the hard work and time put into every little detail, down to the cupcake toppers, that clearly shows this team was in it to make the happy couple’s dream come true!

  46. Absolutely gorgeous! The hot air balloon idea is brilliant…would love this at my wedding one day:) the color of the flowers match tie in perfectly with the decor. Just stunning!

  47. So Sweet. I really loike the hanging balloon filled with flowers! I am not getting married anytime soon, but I think I am going to steal this idea for my sons birthday party!

  48. My husband to be and I where at this booth and I must say……It was awsome in person. We took a fun photo and walked away thinking about all the little details. One of the best sights of the day:) Oh, and all the ladies involved couldnt have been more friendly!

  49. Now this truly speaks of Indie. Strung together with such thoughtfulness and personality ; and these ladies were fantastic, their super fun and friendly personalities matched the booth.

  50. Amazing booth! Loved every detail and how the creative team members thought of every detail. I felt like a VIP guest at the wedding of the year!

  51. By far our favorite booth! Four of my friends and I attended, we are all getting married in the next two years, and each one of us stole an idea from this entry. Super friendly too!

  52. I love how all the pictures are related to the wedding/balloon theme and give different views of the same reception set up. The first picture looks like the entire table is mostly flower centerpiece, but other pictures reveal the real truth. The pictures tell the story of the reception in layers from the first “group” shot of the banquet table down to the details of the individual place settings revealed later. Great work!

  53. A beautifully executed theme…from the fabulous florals to the vintage vases, dishes and glassware, a wonderful blend of colors and textures! Well done ladies! Every detail incredible!

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