Plum & Bronze Glamour

I just adore seeing the different ways that the Inspired Creations Contest teams interpret glitz and glam!  Today’s Portland, Oregon team of Fleur:ology, Diana Marie Photography, Paper Bloom and Le Cookie Monkey chose a color palette of deep pinks, purples, and warm metallics and created a positively amazing dessert display and tablescape spending only $90 on materials.  Yes, you read that right!  There are a lot of DIY elements in the design, which makes this wedding concept easy for anyone to obtain with a little bit of creativity, personalization and lots of spray paint!


The gorgeous tabletop and dessert display both feature thrifted bud vases, goblets, and wine bottles all covered with two coats of bronze spray paint.  The finished product is so beautiful and is a great way to add a glamorous feel to your decor without breaking the bank.  Liz from Fleur:ology filled all of those great bottles and vases with blooms in deep pinks and shades of purples, using roses, ranunculus, anemones, stock, pink rice flower and andromeda.




My absolute favorite decor piece is the fabulous backdrop behind the dessert table.  It was created by draping plum colored fabric from a pipe-and-drape stand, and then hanging multiple strands of acrylic crystal garland, antique crocheted ribbon, and satin ribbon in ivory, deep purple and bronze.  The final product is so fun and fresh, and totally has just the right amount of glitz!





The lovely stationery from Paper Bloom carry a vintage lace motif, and I adore the pretty detail of using keys throughout the concept, including in the boutonniere.






View even more images from this gorgeous shoot in the gallery. And remember, your votes will help us choose the contest winner, so share your love in the comments!

The following Portland wedding vendors contributed to this inspirational wedding concept:

Floral, decor, and styling – Fleur:ology \ Photography – Diana Marie Photography \ Stationery – Paper Bloom \ Cake – Le Cookie Monkey \ Rentals – West Coast Event Productions \ Venue – Bella Via \ Hair – Face Body Beauty – Jennifer Walker \ Gown – AniA Collection \ Accessories – FeathersandFrills \ Makeup – Rachel Aron \ Macarons – Rachel Aron \ Models – Simona + Dani

79 thoughts on “Plum & Bronze Glamour

  1. I like this concept and think its really pretty, but while the table decor is affordable, everything else is super expensive- the chivary chairs, dress, hair pieces, cake, invites so I don’t know if this is my favorite for budget friendly/ glitz & glam decor.

  2. Amazing photos of a perfect wedding theme! The colors and the details are so warm and inviting and the key element is very creative. Love everything about the look of this event.

  3. I love these colors so much! love the details of everything and the crystals on the back of the chairs this is so cute!!

  4. I love the colors choice and how creative this is. Really inspiring, I am getting close to the big day and this gave me a few ideas for my final touches (thank you).


  5. BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL! Everything is just so perfect! I love how simple, elegant and romantic it is!!! <3 <3 <3

  6. I can’t believe how gorgeous the shoot turned out!! The colors work so perfectly together and it’s amazing to see my accessories in such a beautifully styled setting!

  7. SOOO beautiful and I cant not get over the boutonniere and bouquet!! What a gorgeous combination! You guys knocked it out of the park as usual!

  8. LOVE how this turned out… the flowers, the spray-painted vases, the photography… ALL OF IT! Great job!!

  9. Ahhh!!!! I might be falling in love!!! Everything turned out beautiful!!!!!!!!! GORGEOUS bride and HANDSOME groom!!!!!

  10. Absolutely gorgeous!! Love the colors,layout and especially the bride model. The bride model is also a good friend of mine.

  11. Very Romantic! Great color pallet! Absolutely beautiful… I love everything about it… it creates the perfect wedding mood :-) Great job everyone!

  12. This is amazing I love, love, love, this look. Way to go team this is stunning the flowers absolutely blow my mind. I love this group and I love Liz from Fleur:ology. Can you feel my love?

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  14. What an absolutely fabulous shoot! So inpirational. Love the pretty soft pinks and I must say the model looks stunning in that Augusta Jones dress… Just carries on the soft, romantic look you have going here. Nice job ladies, well done!!!

  15. I chose these colors as the colors for my wedding and it’s been hard to get down on paper exactly what I wanted to do, when I found this site I was very excited! this has been a HUGE help! Love all the details!

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