Honeymoon Fashion Wishlist

I absolutely love January. To me, it feels like a fresh start to eat healthy, workout and organize life. But I really think the most exciting part about January is that spring clothes are making their way into the stores. This is extra exciting for me this year as I am looking for some fun outfits and accessories to take on our honeymoon in mid-April!

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I’ve already purchased my ‘formal’ dress for dinners at night (which I’m keeping a secret because it is also my rehearsal dinner dress), but I have a few more items I’d love to find.

Sandals: I actually already purchased some brown leather sandals somewhat similar to these. I normally wear the inexpensive flip flops from Old Navy, so these are really exciting to me!

Shorts: As I work through the 30-day Shred, I’m hoping I can find a cute pair of shorts like these to wear on the honeymoon. My mom made a great point that I won’t want to wear jeans because it is warm and humid in DR. This will be a challenge for both of us, we live in jeans!

Luggage Tags: We are actually registered for these silver-plated engraveable tags at Pottery Barn. I love these and think it would be so fun to have them on our honeymoon (with my new initials and last name of course). :)

Beach Cover-Up: While flipping through the recent J. Crew catalog, I saw this beautiful swimming suite cover-up and fell in love with it!

Beach Tote: Then I saw this straw beach tote and thought it would go perfectly with the cover-up.

Where are you shopping for honeymoon outfits and what are your must-have items?

2 thoughts on “Honeymoon Fashion Wishlist

  1. You have me dreaming of spring – or at least a great vacation! I love those shorts, especially. I did 30 Day Shred last year (and keep doing it in rotation) and you’re going to love your lower half :) In preparation for a beach vacation this summer, I’ve been doing 6-Week 6-Pack… Fingers crossed!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! Its been difficult to keep up with a regular workout routine now that we are getting so close to the wedding. Good luck with the 6-week 6-pack, I’ve been wanting to try that next!

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