Honeymoon is booked!

A few weeks ago we booked our honeymoon, woohoo! We had been searching and searching for a great deal to Maui in April, but everything around that time was so expensive. We had also heard that food and drinks are very expensive in Maui and since we are quite frugal when it comes to eating at restaurants, we decided to go the all-inclusive route. At first I was hesitant. I have read horrible reviews of all-inclusive resorts and their food and watered down drinks. Fortunately we were able to find a gorgeous resort that has wonderful reviews on their food, drinks, service and accommodations. Even better, Costco had a great deal happening a few weeks ago so we got a great price on it too. We are going to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic and staying at the Secrets Sanctuary in Cap Cana.


When we first started thinking about where we’d want to go for our honeymoon, I immediately wanted Paris or Italy. Mike wanted Hawaii (actually, he’d be happy with San Diego which is where we go every summer since it is so close). I am so used to taking big trips for the cultural experiences and as an adventure, but Mike wanted this trip to be completely relaxing, carefree and a time to bond. I had to give in and admit that he was right on this one. The resort and location we chose seems to fit us well and gives us a good mix. It is still international (I don’t know, something about the challenge of communicating with someone who speaks a foreign language is exciting to me…and I like flying, strange I know), but it is on a breathtaking beach in the Caribbean with white sandy beaches and turquoise water. Plus, all the food and drinks we want! I just keep imagining us laying on a beautiful beach with some fruity alcoholic drinks and relaxing all day. Something like this…



Reminds me of a Corona commercial. :)

And just in case we get sick of the beautiful beach, there are four gorgeous pools at the resort and cabanas and outdoor beds everywhere.



Or we can go relax in our room.


Or eat at one of the five restaurants. Almost reminds you of a Parisian cafe, right? Ok, maybe not. But gorgeous none-the-less.



So of course now I have to get cute honeymoon clothes and swimming suits…

{All images via Secrets Sanctuary Cap Cana}

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