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I love letterpress, but wedding budgets don’t always allow for letterpress or engraved invitations, particularly in today’s difficult economic environment.  For brides still seeking custom invitations, the Gocco (or now the Yudu!) can be an excellent, and more economical, alternative.  Some brides choose to go the DIY route, but for brides who don’t feel comfortable DIYing, there are a few invitation studios that specialize in Gocco-printed invitations.

One of my favorite Gocco-printed invitation suites is that of Jaime and Ben from A Desert Fete.  Jaime had such a clear aesthetic vision for her wedding that Gocco was absolutely the best option for her invitations.  I love the way Jaime and Ben combined aesthetic influences and embraced the imperfect nature of the Gocco printing process to achieve invitations that perfectly captured their Joshua Tree wedding.  You really must check out the beautiful photos from Jaime and Ben’s wedding if you haven’t already seen them!



{a desert fete}

These Gocco-printed Save the Dates, via Once Wed, also embrace the nature of Gocco printing – choosing bold fonts and graphics and bright colors as the central elements of the design:

{once wed}

Heather Jeany has been Gocco’ing for more than 10 years, and she’s just about got it down to a science.  Heather’s flickr page is full of amazing Gocco-printed custom wedding invitations, but I picked out a couple of my favorites to share here:



{heather jeany}

Parrott Design Studio is another Gocco invitation powerhouse, but Sarah’s design approach trends more towards delicate flourishes and nature-inspired designs.  Each one is absolutely beautiful, and I love the way she uses vintage graphics to create modern invitations.  These are a few of my favorites from her portfolio:




{parrott design studio}

Ugly Kitty also provides custom Gocco-printed designs – I’m particularly fond of these two Save the Date designs:




{ugly kitty}

Are any of you planning to Gocco your wedding invitations or Save the Dates?  What is your design inspiration for your invitations?  Let me know in the comments!

7 thoughts on “{Stationery Thursday} – Go, Go Gocco

  1. Hi,

    Do you have any scoop on the long-term availability of supplies? I’ve been on a gocco break since October and am dying to get get back into the swing of things; however, supplies seem to have become scarce and higher priced. I have a lot of people e-mail me for gocco advice, but I’m hesitant to encourage them to buy one if they can’t get supplies.

    Also, do you know of anyone who has used the new thermal printers? $1K is a HUGE investment. Any insight would be appreciated.



  2. My invitations were made by Renee of Ugly Kitty! She was super great and I am very pleased with them. I would definitely recommend her.

  3. I have been buying my supplies from Northwood Studios. They are getting more expensive, but I have found that the unframed B70 screens are alright for substitution (and way more cost effective). If you plan it out well, you can burn a bunch of images on one screen and then cut it up and use it on different projects. They aren’t as good with detailed images & text, but get the job done for less intricate designs. I am dying to hear about thermal imagers too! I really want to buy one, but cannot justify that expense just yet…

    I really hope that my designs will someday be as good as the ones pictured above, but hate to waste supplies to practice. It’s a double edged sword, right?

    I didn’t have my gocco for my invitations (plus, I got letterpress at cost) but I used it for a couple other projects like my wish bowl cards and favor thank you tags. I really wish that I had used it more for things like coasters/cocktail napkins…

  4. i’m dying to know if anyone has a Yudu and has used it. i heart my gocco and would love a substitute if supplies are no longer available down the road.

    also – i too use northwood studios for my supplies. which reminds me to do a re-order!

  5. I use Northwoods too, but even they seem to have slim pickins. My skillz aren’t mad enough to risk precious supplies on “fun” projects.

    I never heard of the Yudu until this post. I am dying to see one.

    I’ve looked at these gocco posts approximately 10 times. I’m getting the itch.

  6. hi folks… i gocco as part of my business and have been toying with the idea of the YUDU as well and here’s what i know about it – the yudu is showing up at jo ann’s and michael’s currently, if you subscribe to their email coupons and mailers you’ll get updates about it – like when they have them in stock and coupons making the yudu more affordable (like $199 i think was the coupon price). hence the reason they can’t keep the units on the shelves!

    also there’s been an ongoing thread on etsy about the unit (http://www.etsy.com/forums_thread.php?thread_id=6006138), and there’s actually a fellow etsian who’s been taking questions since she works for provo craft (the company producing the YUDU).

    the only downsides right now are that these are limited currently on ink color choices, they don’t have high mesh screens (which is what the gocco is so great for), and it’s the “old fashioned” style of screen printing – ie. squeegee vs. the gocco pressure/stamp printing, also, the current unit is the “first generation,” so i’m sure they will tweak and mess with it to make it more “gocco-like” and user friendly in the future.

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