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I believe in the beauty of story and the importance of being deeply sensitive as your photographer. Stories help us remember what’s most important in life, and photographs have the power to bring us back to those moments. My job is to capture your love story – not only in photos you’ll treasure for a lifetime, but in rich language that will preserve those things that make your love special. I believe in authenticity. With every shutter click, I pour myself enthusiastically into telling your authentic love story and highlighting your unique personalities.

Your story should be just that– YOURS. What was going through his mind when he first saw you. The way her nose wrinkles and her eyes light up when she’s happy. How the unusual circumstances that led to your first date turned into a relationship with someone you simply can’t imagine not being in your life. The way that you just GET each other. I believe in trust. The more you are able to let go, the more you’re able to focus on what really matters- your relationship, and the friends and family that have come to celebrate with you. I believe in intention. Artistry isn’t accidental; it’s intentional and comes with great care.

My years of experience have made me an expert with my camera, and that frees me to be more than just an observer, but someone who is sensitive to the underlying story. I believe in communication, which is crucial in your relationships with your wedding professionals. It’s important that you feel free to ask questions and that you feel understood. I approach our conversations with curiosity and attentiveness, because I shoot better and work more passionately when I feel authentically connected to my clients. Couples who work with me really tend to feel deeply and value the artistry of photography. Your wedding may be classic- a stunning venue, gorgeous florals, and a big party- but not necessarily traditional. You have a sense of style, but are incredibly down to earth. You may be foodies or adore good music, but it’s about the value those elements bring to your lives. Or you may celebrate more modestly with an intimate restaurant wedding, but invest abundantly in photos that will capture the spirit and energy of your big day. Heritage and family is of utmost importance, and while the past has shaped you, your future is determined by the new life you will start together. What you care about most are the real moments, the relationships, the celebration. The reason I’m here is to create beautiful images while you’re having the time of your life making memories.

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